Monday, August 31, 2015

Review of 3 little mistakes "Self Stem (get a sex toy) needed"

Three Little Mistakes (Blindfold Club, #3)Three Little Mistakes by Nikki Sloane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Slow for me in the beginning. I know it was do to me looking for Logan and Evie and Payton and Dom. But I found them, some sooner than others but they were there. This made me content and the calming reading began.

This book was fabulous!

Genre: Erotica
Series: Yes and so very GREAT
Rating: 5/5
Steam level: 4.75/5
Main characters: Joseph Monsato (owner of Blindfold Club) and Noemi Rosso (Newbie but natural submissive)
I sell sex, sin, and pleasure, but it isn’t just my business, it’s my entire life. I get off on the power of controlling it all.

She’s the one woman I can’t have.

She threatens everything, and yet I can’t stay away. There’s a beautiful, sexual creature inside this timid girl that’s desperate to claw its way out. I’m going to set it free, even if it brings my empire tumbling down.

I have to believe she’ll be worth all the little mistakes I’ve made.
Did I enjoy?: Yes. I will be reading this book again, soon.
Brief review:
I will start by saying that this author came out with a bang with the Three Little series. She is dominating the scene and I am so happy that I am reading her books. I am so happy that my little thoughts of such naughty things have made it to e-readers everywhere. I have never shared any of my nymphomaniac thoughts but when Nikki put them on paper, I was singing and fan girl dancing.
The story basically picks up where it left of in book #2, which is so dope and a must read. So we get to get a more in depth look into the master (I mean for-real he is a master of my mind and body. And so very hot) mind of “The Blindfold Club”. I like that when Joseph wants something he doesn’t have to beg he just looks at you and you submit. Sweet doggie-style this book was so spoken hot.
I love the age difference, I love that she is a submissive and doesn’t know it. I love that he loves her and he can’t control that and he loves to control everything. I love that the characters we loved from book 1 and 2 are present in this tale, even if it is only briefly.
The development was so smooth throughout except in the beginning, I really felt like the story was a little choppy. But it sorted itself out. I loved that also.
This book is a total self-stem book. You need to get a good toy and ease the ache from reading this or you will be giving yourself orgasm denial.
Once you read those hot scenes, you will need to take a self-stem break.

Happy Reading.

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