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Review of Until July

Until July (Until Her, #1)Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

If I would have read Until July first, before all Aurora’s preview wonderful alpha men and the women that they love series, I would have rated as 4.5 stars. But because I read about her parents and her uncles and the boom they experienced, I was not overall happy with this book. I just have mixed emotions.

I have some YEAHs in the book and a lot of WHAT’s.

Lets start with the YEAHs:
1. I loved that I read book of this series and knew July’s parents, Asher and November, they are still the same people we read about in book one. Their love is so intense and sweet. I loved it.
2. I loved July’s job it was perfect
3. I loved all the sisters and that we got a back story on them
4. Love that July is like her mother and can ride a bike, so awesome
5. The story was good, not what I thought it would be but it was good. (Just enough of the past (meaning the old characters make an appearance) to make the book get to that 3.5 star rating. It was the past that help save this book
6. The author did not go all Mayson family with Wes, our male lead. He was badass because he was a military man and he was a biker.
7. I love how July describes the man she has always wanted since she was child
8. I love how July and Wes kiss the first time.
9. The epilogue was…Wow. Powerful

Shaking my head and what I did not like so much:
1. The book had too much chaos. I know that Aurora is famous for this suspense and drama being placed different places in her books but this was just too much for me. I felt like it was all over the place.
2. I was trying to understand how old Jax was. It is confusing in the story, also, I do not know what he does for a living. I think he is a cop like his grandpa and maybe now Nico is a cop? I just don’t know. It was not clear.
3. In this book Aurora gives July a totally different name then from book 1. She went from July Heaven Mayson to July Abigail Mayson. What is the ham? You know when I heard this book was coming out I read the entire series again. So I was shocked to have discovered this. But this is not where the deducing ends.
4. The book seems to have some continuity issues with July’s name, her sister changing outfits in the middle of dining and the year the book takes place in relation to July’s age. In Until November, November talks about Google and how she searches for random information for Beast on there. It’s cute and one of the things I really like about her. But Google was founded in 1998, so even if November met Asher in 2000, it would have to be 2027 for this book to be accurate. I know it is fiction but if you have series connected to this, then you have to be clear or have a disclaimer, something. Also, the other kids seemed to be off in ages, I am referring to the cousins.
The additional Mayson’s (cousins and sisters) seem to have a convoluted storyline coming about and I am mehing the stories.

Will I buy it, yeah probably because I can give her a get out of jail card with this book, right? Yeah, I think I can.

Honestly, I just did not leave this book thinking I want to read this again because I love it, like I did the others. I left this book thinking, I need to read it again to see if I notice any new inconsistences.

I must admit there was some sweetness to this book and the ending was prime. I was speechless. She did her thang with the ending. Since I am the non-spoiler queen I will say this about the ending. It was pure, real, and just from the heart raw.

Happy reading and writing.

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