Thursday, March 27, 2014

Indulging in Irelyn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I recently read Indulging in Irelyn and my emotions have been all over the place. When I read the very last word in this book I was upset and realized this emotion was present because I needed more from this author. I wanted this book to be like War and Peace, thousands of pages. I found this book to be breathtakingly / orgasmic. The story is built on kismet, faith, and second chances. It’s a love story with a twist.

I must say that the descriptions the author gives about Zolten, well one, the name sounds like a God. And he is described as one. Two: When I reread the description of him she honest describes him to be so fine that he put Tom Brady to shame and Tom Brady is a beautiful man. Three: The description of the mans bedroom antic’s.
Fanning myself.
We are introduced to the characters in past and present scenes through the book. They are easy to follow and the all the reader to have a clear understanding. The funny thing is, that the author gave us the information we needed, instead of making a book 0.50 that only had the past in it. You readers know what I mean. We literally have all the information of the past, in this first book. 
So happy and so worth the read.
Zolten is/was a professional football player who was injured while playing a major game in his NFL career. His injury prevents him from ever playing the sport that he loves again. Zolten leaves the sport and the state of Arizona following the injury and attends law school, because not only is he hot, he is smart.
Oh my! 
Once he has his degree and has gained experience in his field he is given the opportunity to transition back to Arizona and where he will begin working for a prestigious law firm. He is excited about his move and hopes to make this a permanent place.

Zolten is a sexual man. He has a needs that must be filled.  Zolten  gives a candid description of his interludes with women. He never takes a women to his home. They only make it to his shagging place. He is domineering and once he has tied you up and ensures both parties have been pleasured, and then he kicks you out.
Alpha male, domineering, and mild BSDM.
Irelyn is the women of his dreams. Irelyn feels connected to Zolten. Their relationship is established in a short amount of time and is amazing. The scenes between Irelyn and Zolten are very passionate and naughty. 

This books coupling was fantastic. 
I really like the Zolten/Irelyn story. I especially enjoyed how the author wrote the chapters individually. She gave the reader the Point Of View of Zolten and Irelyn.  Each chapter is written to allow each person to pick up from a previous scene/chapter, basically a continuation of how the characters felt about the previous events. As the reader we are given the different perspectives of each main character. We are looking through the window and see how they are falling in love. But just like real life, real life gets in the way.
I am truly rooting for this love / connection they have.

Happy reading!

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