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Review for Three Hard Lessons

Three Hard Lessons (Blindfold Club #2)Three Hard Lessons by Nikki Sloane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nikki did it again and so quickly. As people began to get over their heavy breathing and repeated flashback of how hot book one of this series is she gives us book two and it is a glorious. It begins were book one ended and tells us the story of our favorite call girl/bestie/ménage coordinator, Payton. We loved her in book one and cherish her in book two.

The flow of the book was so smooth and there is never a dull moment and even Payton is always doing something in this book. It just so happens that Payton and Logan’s best friend and the guy house he is squatting in Dominic, have a night to remember to the point that Payton breaks some of her rules and loses her mega bucks job. You know that I will not give away what is happening in the book but I will say that this book is all about location, location, location.

I love supporting characters in books. I think they are the driving force of a great story. Without them the characters can seem blah. They really bring the shine of this story. This story was no different.
I loved, loved, loved Dominic he is so sweet, shy and unknowing of his hotness. He is willing to do anything for Payton. His role is real, just like our previous lead in book one and Dom, Logan. What I mean by real is that I feel like his situations are could happen to a friend of mine and that his is an average Joe. I like that he does not play around with his feelings/ wants for Payton and express his need for Payton. He is lonely and she is definitely not dull so their partnership is hot from the start.

It won’t be a story, I love, without the drama and the angst. It won’t be one of the best erotica story without the smut, 2nd best sex scene this read year for me. Number one is book one, of course. And it won’t be romance if there was not a happy ending, and I will tell you there is and drum roll…… no cliffhanger! Yes!

But what makes it the BEST and one of the reasons why Nikki is on my short one-click list (meaning I do not even need to read the synopsis I will always click her. She could write about blue humpback whales and I am buying, but I digress) is because what she writes is also FUNNY. I was laughing so much. The humor is classic and needed now in most stories.

This is a best buy (because the book is on sale as of 4/9/15) and one of my go to books when I am in a runt.
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