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{5-star rating} {Review of Overruled}

Overruled by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Emma has done it again. She has brought humor, sexiness, an alpha, and Drew. Yes, I said Drew because he is back in Emma’s new book Overruled. To squash and prevent an all out fenizy, Drew is only in it for a brief hot moment but it was a time that I cherished, because I am all GAGA for Drew….I digress.

Stanton is a good fine Southern man who is a lawyer in the big city. This is how the beginning of this synopsis reads but the story actually takes place during Stanton’s “becoming a man” time and progresses forward.

While in college Stanton meets Drew. Now we recently (in his past books) have seen Drew as an ass, an uncle, a lover, a jerk, a friend, a father, and a fighter. Well to Stanton he is a friend that teaches him a lesson about life and women not once but twice. Stanton is a man that all the women want but three women get to have. The problem for this, is not the ladies but it is him. See the women know what they want. They either want Stanton to leave them the hell alone, want more of him, or did know that they wanted more of him. And poor Stanton he is man that is most definitely smiling from ear to ear because of this unrequited/unconditional/unwanted love.

Emma did the following in this book:
1. Made me laugh
2. Shocked
3. Cry
4. And placed me on the edge of my seat.

As always Emma brings in the ringer. Now in the other books by Emma I found that person to be Dee, Drew’s niece Mackenzie, and now it is a gun toting Grandma.

Grandma is a key person in this book and in the town. She knows things. She has a wealth of knowledge about life and relationships and she is ready to protect her family (the women) from Stanton. She brings all the comic relief in the book and a little Bourbon.

The book has a great flow and I was extremely happy that this book was not like the Tangle Series. Emma brought something new to the table with her writing and she did a damn fine job. She is an excellent writing and I am eager for more in this series. I think Emma is going to take some changes, from the synopsis I read of her next book in this series and that needed in the book world. More chances.

Happy reading and writing.

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