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{ARC Review} One Dom to Love


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received this book for an honest review. {ARC} 3.5 star rating.

This book had a slow start for me. It took me twice my normal time to read this book. I was tempted to quit the book on two separate occasions. I must admit that I am happy that I did not stop reading. Once the book edged past the three main characters separate stories, it started to read well.

Raine: the female lead, is strong and independent but wants to be learn to be a submissive. She sees the other women in the club submit to their Dom or their scene-ing partner but she has no one to show her how to be a submissive. She can’t even enjoy foreplay, scenes, or sex. Macen, the man who saved her, co¢k-block$ her on the daily. He can be a real a$$ throughout the book. Once you read more about his past and his ideal future, you will know why he does what he does ( be an a$$) but for me, that did not make it acceptable.

When it came to Raine, throughout the book and his (Macen’s) a$$holy behavior, I like that she gave as good as she got, if not 10x better. She really kick a$$ and that was awesome. The authors did an excellent job describing Raine as strong and able to submit or be vulnerable, that within it self was beautiful to me.

Macen/Hammer: I wanted to punch him in the face, no his throat. He is the Master of the club and he acts, a good ⅔ of the book, as a pansy bit¢h. But this led me to liking him more because it made him more human in my eyes. He is the lead Dom. Throughout the book he appears to able to handle issues within the club effectively but not his own issues. It really bugged me that he is called by two different names throughout the book. It becomes confusing at times.

Liam: He is the man I could call Daddy at night (really made me have some dreams about his sexy a$$) Liam is a take change kind of man, which I like, and he is not afraid of helping his friends or taking on a challenge.
I like his interactions with Raine and their sex scenes, are off the chain.

The story is ok in the beginning and great everywhere else. I don’t know if the slow pace in the beginning is due to the multiple authors trying to give me enough background information. The sex in the book was smoking and if you know my book interest the more you can shock with me sex, the better the writer you are. These women can write the hell out of Liam and Macen fu¢king. They seriously through down the gauntlet. I hope to see a ménage in the next book. I think that a group fu¢k will help all them (Raine, Liam, Macen) to move forward; oh I guess I just let you know there will be a book two. I guess I just let you know this book is a cliffhanger.

Well, book two is out; so it's all good.

Happy reading.

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