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Irons (The Norfolk Series, #1)Irons by M.J. Fields
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jaxson (Jax) Irons was born and bred to be a military man. Jax is a helicopter pilot for the US Navy.

Jax and William Cruz, are best friends. They attended the academy together and flown next to each other for years. They shared the same views of life and are both ambitious.

“…swore the same oath…I would fight, protect, and put my country’s safety and security above my own for the greater good.”

That line in the book is so hot!

The book opens with Jax dealing with the lost of his best friend Will. Jax is having a difficult time dealing with losing Will. Due to Jax's grieving and his behaviors (fighting), Jax’s commanding officer tells him that after Will’s funeral, he is being reassigned South. This really affects Jax because he just lost Will and now he will also lose a family that has been more of a family then his own.

“Today I said my last goodbye to my best friend and now I was going to do the same to a family that had been in my life for six years. A family that wasn’t the same as mine.”

Francesca (Frankie) is Will’s little sister. She was very close to her brother. He was her rock. Frankie is taking his death very hard. Losing Will, Frankie loses a peace of herself. She believes she can deal as long as Jax is in the picture. When she finds out that Jax is leaving, is difficult for her. Frankie has loved Jax since the first day she met him.

“You come to say goodbye? Well, don’t bother. I’ve said enough goodbyes today.”

As a bold move on Frankie, she kisses Jax before he leaves. Jax is taken back by this but Frankie is taking a chance.

“Will isn’t the only one here who loves you Jax.”
“Okay, look…”
“No, you look. I’m eighteen now and graduating. I’ve wanted to kiss you since I was twelve years old. You were my first crush Jax.”

Three years passes and Jax finally comes back from the South and Frankie is in college. By happenstance they run into one another. Their reunion is brief but it ignites something in both of them.

I was intrigued by this entire story. This book is not only about the romance I want Jax and Frankie to have but also about how their romance could affect those around them. The sex in this book is hot; M. J. Fields knows how to detail those scenes. This is my first book with Fields and I found that I enjoyed her writing and how she weaved the supporting characters and the development of the story line so intricately. I was not expecting the suspense part of the book. Mysteries are hit or miss with me but this storyline has all the makings of a great movie. It is that detailed that I could see the storyboards in my head (New Line, get the deal)!

If you like Scandal with a little Army Wives, I think you will enjoy this book.
This story really shows how we can love a person who had been out closes but may not have know this. Both Jax and Frankie are still dealing with the death of Will, and need one another to heal.

I love that Fields gave us a strong military alpha man. Someone who not only defends his country but also the women he cares for. That was something that I needed in book.
At the end of the book, I was looking for more, craved it. I am looking for more books in this series.

Happy reading.

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