Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Songs of Corruption

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Songs of Corruption we meet Antonio and Theresa. Both of these characters are defined in my opinion as Superior, Political, Intelligent, and Noble.

  • Theresa is one of the oldest children in the Drazen family. She also her ex is the District Attorney. Her family is well known for their past discretions.
  • Antonio is well known in Naples and with various organizations in California. He is also known as Capo. Let’s just say he takes care of business and could make you sleep with the fishes.

  • Theresa’s ex is currently campaigning for Mayor and previously she was helping with the campaign until he became her ex. Theresa’s ex is everywhere in the media because of his high power job and his campaign.
  • Theresa is unclear if she still wants to be with the man whom she stills sees in her mind cheating on her. But when she meets Antonio, she is shocked with how pert he is with her. It is Antonio’s perfect body, swagger, and perilous aura that he exudes that has Theresa hot for him.
  • Antonio has to be seen a dominating force. He must earn respect from those in the organization that may challenge him. 
  • Antonio sees Theresa and knows he has to have her. He is smitten by her and is very persistent in finding ways to see her.

  • Theresa is very knowledgeable of her job as an Accountant and does not have to work, as she is wealthy but does because she enjoys what she does.
  • Antonio is a lawyer and is very savvy with his business skills and recent acquisitions.

  • Theresa sticks by her family through all cost. They are all very close, eight kids, and she is very noble with her ex. Once she gets to know Capo, she is Noble to him.
  • Antonio is an honorable man who will do anything for family and the people he cares for. When Theresa becomes tangled in the middle of these two categories, family and people he cares for, it becomes a struggle for Antonio.

You may have found this review to be a tad…boring, well this is all I could give you without given too much information. This book was fantastic and I am so looking forward to many more in this series. My review is just breaking down the characters and how I believe they can be described in on word definitions with the title  being the bases of the review.

If you have read Ms. C.D. Reiss’ books and you believe it cannot get any better than Songs of Submission, you are wrong. I really believe she present a completely new dynamic/story to the Drazen family. I was truly shocked that I enjoyed a story abate Monica and Jonathan as lead characters.

The strength in these two characters really made all the supporting characters sightly not needed. I was so focused on their dialogue and their interactions that I did not care if any of them were present. I literally had tunnel vision for their relationship. Seriously, the way Theresa calls Antonio, “Capo” and when Antonio calls Theresa, “Contessa”, it really is exactly similar to what C. D. Reiss says in Tease, “… a complementary voice in a symphony.” That is what Capo and Contessa are to me in this book. Music. They can be sweet, raw, creative, damaging, and vibrant.

I feel as though I have said too much but not enough. I shall leave it as is.

This book has the romance, the passion (wiggling my eyebrows), the suspense, and an OMG moment. It has it all, so what are you waiting for? 

Happy reading.

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