Monday, April 7, 2014

Lost in Me-Blog Tour

New York Times Bestselling Author

A Sexy New Adult Contemporary Romance

Here and Now Series, Book One

Release: April 7, 2014

The last thing I remember is having drinks at Brady’s and trying
to avoid eye-contact with my life-long crush—the gorgeous,
unattainable Maximilian Hallowell. They tell me that was a year
ago, but I have no memories of anything since then. What I do
have is this ring on my finger that Max says he gave me, and this
much-thinner body I’ve dreamed of most of my life. Aside from
a case of retrograde amnesia, everything seems almost...perfect.
But the deeper I immerse myself into this new world of mine—
planning a wedding to a man I don’t remember dating, attempting
to run a business I don’t remember starting—the clearer it
becomes that nothing is as it seems. Do I have the life I’ve always
wanted or is it a facade propped up by secrets I don’t even
know I have?

I need answers before I marry Max, and the only person who seems to have them is the angry,
tatted, sexy-as-sin rocker Nate Crane. And Nate wants me for himself.

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Once a college English professor, I now write full time. I live in rural Indiana, where, when
I’m not writing, I get to hang out with my husband and two kids--a six-year-old boy and
a two-year-old hellion, er, girl. Not surprisingly, reading and writing remain my favorite
activities, though both come in bits and pieces these days, not the big hunks of time I enjoyed
before I had children. When I’m feeling virtuous, I like to go running (I use that word
liberally. I’m really, really slow) or do yoga. Don’t worry, I’m always careful to balance out
such activities with a hearty serving of ice cream or a chocolate martini.

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