Monday, April 21, 2014

A Betty's Pledge

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lately books have been written with the lead women having knowledge of what they want out of life, men, and in the bedroom. In A Betty’s Pledge the author illustrates how some of us [women] are clueless.  Most erotic novels are written with the perfect “O” (O is for Orgasm).   “O” envy is buzz worthy.

Mady is “O” envy. She applies to this “program” so she can learn more about herself, her wants and her needs. She is strong and determined to grow from life.

Isaac is looking for something new, and not the same o same o. He needs to be taken to a new level of A-wesomeness.

When these two get together, lets say that “O” is not just heard but it is also a quiet facial expression.

I must say that Emma brought a new storyline to the mix. It is not some of the same o same o, that we often read. She has redefined the “O” and they are fab.

The book is about what women and men need from each other, the connection required to be a unit, to be “one”. The story gives the reality of sex and that fab “O” and the needs that need fulfilling from each person.

The characters to watch are Mady, Isaac, Nate, Sonia and Diane. I think they are, or will be, major players throughout this series.

I finished the ARC and have already chosen sides.

I am so excited for the next book and eager to see if my prediction of this book is right.

Happy reading.

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