Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lost in me-Review

I recently was given the ARC of Lost in Me. This book was so good. This book has love, intrigue, drama, humor, and though it is a New Adult Contemporary Romance it has several erotic scenes.

I am so happy that in this story there are some familiar players: the twins, Maggie, Cally, William and a bit of Asher, and the girl’s wacky grandma.

You should know from my review of Unbreak me on Goodreads how much I loved the Maggie/William/Asher story. After Unbreak me, I had many questions about Maggie/William/Asher that Ms. Ryan answered in the follow up book Wish I May.
All of Ms. Ryan’s stories are so powerful. If you liked the first two books in New Hope, you will love this book. The only difference I can see between the two previous books and this one, is that this one story has three books dedicated to filling our need.

Ms. Ryan covers so many sensitive issues that are present in everyday life. Some of the areas that are addressed in this story are insecurities, overbearing people and weight issues. I was very pleased how many of the self-esteem concerns that most women have were discussed. I especially liked the comments Hanna made about skinny chicks and training in sensitivity to women. It is hilarious!

Hanna’s description, her personality, and the people who love her, really allowed me to like her character. I felt I knew Hanna so well, even as she was learning herself. I am still trying to figure out Nate and Max, do I want Hanna to be with either or neither of them. How can she get a HEA if she is unclear as to whom she loves? How did she get the amnesia, or is she faking.

Happy Reading.

ARC given by author and AToMR tours.

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