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Twist Me

Twist Me (Twist Me, #1)Twist Me by Anna Zaires
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Kidnapped. Taken to a private island.
I never thought this could happen to me. I never imagined one chance meeting on the eve of my eighteenth birthday could change my life so completely.
Now I belong to him. To Julian. To a man who is as ruthless as he is beautiful – a man whose touch makes me burn. A man whose tenderness I find more devastating than his cruelty.
My captor is an enigma. I don’t know who he is or why he took me. There is a darkness inside him – a darkness that scares me even as it draws me in.

My name is Nora Leston, and this is my story.

This is NOT a traditional romance. It contains disturbing subject matter, including themes of questionable consent and Stockholm Syndrome, as well as graphic sexual content. This is a work of fiction intended for a mature, 18+ audience only. The author neither endorses nor condones this type of behavior.

My Review:
I am desperately trying to find a way to read through my TBR (to-be-read) list and I have found this very difficult to complete. As I attempted to go to my TBR and pull a book at random I stumbled on a new book from Anna Zaires Twist Me. So, I read the description that was provided, and then a couple of reviews from some of my favorite people. After reading the sample, I brought the book. This book is not for the sweet and innocent romantic. Before reading this book; you must read the warning that is given. You must prepare yourself for agony, angst, and relish in the “twist” of things.

In many of the books I have read in the past the character has learned something about themselves that they never new before. This was me with this book; kind of like being able to see for the first time, after your vision has been corrected. I really enjoy dark stories with grit and strong alpha male.

I have to admit, I did not hate Julian. In the beginning I did not understand why he did what he did to Nora but I was not upset with him. He gave me no reason to hate him. He was strong and direct (at times) and he treated Nora as well as he could. Yes, he kidnapped her. But Nora’s interaction with him kind of set the pace for my feelings about him in this book.

This is one of those books that is good throughout. The writing was smooth and detailed.

This book is said to be erotic and I would assume that it is due to the content but there was not much “dirty talk”. I mean, Julian is definitely an Alpha but he is not much of a talker in the bedroom. I wanted that passion. Yeah, they talk about the moans and the briefs snips (in my opinion) about the sex. I guess I should be blushing to admit that I have read some true erotic filth (Lol) and was looking for this book to give me that.

There were several transitions with each character but it was not described in length. I understand this to be because this was Nora’s POV. And she tells one hell of a story.

Nora is just a regular teenager who just graduated from high school and is preparing for that awesome summer prior to college. But her life changes when she is taken and she must adapt to her new surrounds and this new life that was placed upon her that she does not want. She is smart and very determined. I don’t know how she was able to stay sane after the kidnapping. She is also strong and I think that we may see how strong she will be in book two. Oh yeah, there is most definitely a book two and it is going to be from the POV of Julian and Nora.

Happy reading.

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