Monday, November 11, 2013

Menage on 34th Street

Menage on 34th StreetMenage on 34th Street by Elise Logan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Tantalizing, scandalous, and over the top with luscious indentation of how love can be more than a couple but can be defined as a trio. Kat loves her husband Liam, but 10 years ago she fell in love with Hunter. Liam, Kat's husband, has a very open and specific relationship with his wife. They are allowed to bring other men, into the bathroom with them. Liam and his wife had this relationship for years but Liam sees that something is missing from the relationship and that person is Hunter.

Hunter has returned from the arm services and all you can think about is his lost love Kat and Liam. He's angry with both of them for a decision that was made 10 years ago.

Liam wants Hunter back in their lives. But can years heal old wounds (Kat and Hunter) and help build relationships. How will Hunter take to the proclivities of Liam and Kat's open relationship? Will he be interested?

Literally the air shifted when all three of them were in the room together and I was reading this book. I found the relationship to be very profound and even though this is a short story all questions I had were answered and some concerns I had were explained. I was very please with the development of the story and I think that if you are interested and real scenarios with a hint of romance and a whole lot of erotica this is definitely the book for you.

This book will most definitely get you into the holiday spirit as the play on words with the title are relevant. A Christmas miracle may happen.

Happy reading.

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