Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bound: The Dining Club #2

Bound (The Dining Club #2)Bound by Marina Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC given on behalf of the publisher for an honest review.

In part two of the dining club we open with Grace making a decision to be a part of the festivities following dinner with David. Prior to the festivities Grace is introduce to four new characters. These characters seem to be a driving part of the sexual activities following dining.

I really enjoyed Andrew's and Laura's character. They are very nice to Grace. I do not like Amber's character or Amy's character. They are up to something and they both want to be dominated by David.

Andrew seems to have a sexual interest in Grace and he is so kind to her. Grace finds comfort in her interactions physical and non physical with Andrew.

David is extremely bossy and rude. He is still a little distant with Grace.

I feel for Grace. She partakes in this sexual scene because of her love for David but he is still hesitant. He tells her he can not be with her if she does not pass the scene. She must pass each table and activity to be his. Grace does make a valid point by saying to David that he is enough for her and why is she not enough for him. We never get the answer.

Now I am on to book three.

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