Monday, November 11, 2013

Summer Sins

Summer SinsSummer Sins by Kathy Kulig
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.

Emma is a reporter looking for that big break anything that'll allow her to hit the big time and be a reporter for a big newspaper. So when she's getting assignment from her editor to venture into the Mecca of all sex clubs she cannot say no to the assignment. Emma is very curious about this lifestyle and is also going through a bit of a sexual drought. To attend the club you must be in invited by a member. And Emma finds a way to get invited to the club where she is introduced to Aidan.

Aidan is very in tune with his profession. He believes that his image will help him advance in his career. But Aidan is a Dom and is a member of TropiX. Aidan has gone through a bit of a rough patch with his previous submissive's. When some friends of his ask him to come to the club so he can see the new renovations Aidan is not aware that there also trying to hook him up with Emma.

Aidan is attracted and drawn to Emma when he first lays eyes on her. Emma is attracted to Aidan but is fearful of her assignment taking lead in her attraction to Aidan.

Aidan must make a choice either continue to be a Dominant, retain a submissive, and not let it affect his personal image or to remain alone. Emma must choose whether she wants the story of the year that could make or break her career or if she wants to be in lust and in a D/s relationship.

This story was short ebook that read rather quickly for me. The quickness of the story did not deter from the passion of the characters and the invitation of the story to the reader. If you are interested and happily ever after and some steam in your scenes, this is the book.

Happy reading.

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