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Review of the Score by Elle Kennedy

The Score (Off-Campus, #3)The Score by Elle Kennedy
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Loved it. Enough said! Review to come.
Updated 12/10/16:

I think I was the most shocked about who this book was about. After reading one and two I did not think that it would be about Dean. And I reread book one and two and Allie was in a relationship with some guy named Sean but their love was not discussed that much.

Since I am over my shock let me review this bitch. The book was good, like really good. I knew at the beginning I was going to love the hell out of this book. One (1): I love the series, Two (2): the writing is fierce and Three (3): the author had me fall in love with a character that was supporting in two books and that I really did not give a second glance at. I mean he was discussed but, I just didn’t commit him to my “his getting a book” thought process.

So he gets a book. And the story was smooth. The development made sense and was sound. I was lost in this book for many hours and loved how she lead me the best ending.

So you know that I love how each of my past favorite characters of book one (1) and two (2) are present in this book and all man did I realize home much I miss them. It has been some time since the last I read about their convoluted love lives and had to go back for another read. Of course they were great AGAIN and it also allowed me to understand book three (3) because of previous information shared. Now, That Is All I Am Going To Say About That.

Dean is the typical jock and someone who knows his hockey. The boy has mad skills. He is what I call a hit and run. He hits that vag and then he is out. He dominates where he is at and knows when to be playful and serious. He has a side to him that no one knows about, and I like this side. He is well rounded and perfect for 88

Allie is lost and found at the same time. She is lost because she doesn’t know what to do with her life/career. She is found because she made a profound decision that is a defining part of the book. What I like is that she does not let this decision define her. She is comfort about with herself, whether she is defined for all to see or carefree. She is described by Dean as a natural beauty/girl next door who can change to the scarlet bombshell. I love how he describes her. Too sweet.
Either way, I totally understand why Wellsy and Allie are good friends.

I love how Elle writes about friendships and men taking care of women. It is all good and makes me the reader happy about what I am reading.

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