Friday, September 11, 2015

The Best Laid Plains review

Best Laid Plans (The Mercenaries, #1)Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genre: Adult, Erotica, Suspense

Rating: 4/5

Steam level: 3.75/5

Main characters: Lily (carrier) and Marc (Mercenary)


* Smuggle diamonds from Liberia to Morocco
* Make the trip in three days
* Don't get caught
* Don't kill each other
* Don't have sex with each other
* Don't fall for each other
* Stick to the plan

This is the story of what happens when an unlikely bond is formed between enemies, causing tensions to rise, and igniting a chemistry that threatens to burn them both. Together, they'll learn that sometimes even the best laid plans can fail.

Did I enjoy?: Yes.

Brief review: I am not a reader of mysteries and suspense. Usually when I come across this in books it is unexpected. I knew going in to this book that there was going to be some intrigue and that I would have to pace myself.

The book really captivated me with the description of the location and the characters and the supporting cast. It was really visual and just POPPED off the page for me. I especially enjoyed the disclaimer at the beginning of the book. Stylo did a great job letting the reader know it is fiction.

The author really helped me cherish Lily. I was in awe of her strength and her determination. She was independent and did not need anyone, until Marc ruined everything.

Marc is rugged, rough, and dominating. I love a dominate man. His present was known to all. When I think of him, I see people parting to make a path for him. Stylo introduced him to me so casually. Oh and by the way, *He’s a mercenary. He can do anything and will always get his way.* I swoon.

The chemistry in this book was off the chain. The action was great. I love fighting scenes, especially with Lily. The suspense, well I was more like “can we get to it all ready. I need to know the ending, like now.” I was so impatient with that. The bam-bam, well I was more like, "let’s read that scene again.” Or, “Oooh, he is a GOD in the bedroom. He can do that, and get her to do WHAT!? Give me more.”

Overall, the book is well written. The development and the storyline was very smooth. I felt like I was present in the book. It was written like my friend was telling me a story, I just really enjoyed it. Again, I am not big on mystery. Because of a certain book, Torre and Black Lies, I have not read it yet because of all the talk.

I will not give anything way with this book. I will just say that if you enjoy Stylo’s writing and how she makes her females lead, and they do lead well, then you will enjoy this book.

Happy Reading.

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