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{Review} Claiming Addison - 69 Bottles #1 by Zoey Derrick

Claiming Addison - 69 Bottles #1Claiming Addison - 69 Bottles #1 by Zoey Derrick
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ARC given in exchange for an honest review.

Zoey has brought us Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll in her new book Claiming Addison. She has most defiantly redefined the saying. The book introduces us to some sexually driven and gorgeous characters Addison, Kyle, and Talon.

We all know that Olivia Cummings provided us with rockers and smut (love it), Kylie Scott gave us Rockers, Sweet and those words, Lord have mercy she gave us those words. Well Zoey gave us Rockers, Words (Fantastic), hotness, and smut to the nth power.

The entire book in charged with a wonderful storyline and gorgeousness.

The first person we meet is Addison. I like her. She is brand new, not to Public Relations or the music industry but to love and showing herself to others. She is always behind the scenes being the fixer.

Next we meet Kyle. He is in control, the manager of 69 bottles and very complimentary to the band. He is sweet and smooth.

Last we meet Talon, the hot lead singer of the group. He can melt panties with his smile. He is know, like his band mates to have new women in his bed, nightly. I like his swagger (style).

When these three people meet, the idea of couplings and sex is changed. The sex in this book was flawless and will make you a little drenched. I could see people changing their panties a couple of times while reading. This book should come with a warning label.

There is self-discovery, sex, drama, sex, redefining, and sex. This book is not just about sex, though there is a great amount in the book, the development of the story was smooth and easy to follow. I didn’t want to put the book down but it was a must with the pantie change.

MMF, MFM, FMM, I am all for ménage’s and I generally do not read MMF books. I have in the past, well it is just not one of my interest. Zoey makes me very comfortable and brings out a side of voyeurism I did not know I had. I read the books but the detail in this book literally made me feel a though I was present during the bed/shower/wall a-shaking.

Zoey brings back Cami and Tristan. Yes! Loved them in series a Love’s Wings.

This book is part of a three book series and I want more book two and three now.

Happy Reading.

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