Friday, July 11, 2014

Hold on Tight

In this new book by Serena Bell, Jake and Mira meet and what was suppose to be one night turn into three weeks of courtship. During one of their last nights together we decide to make love and it was bad. Really bad and I love it. Serena has given us some great books with some real stories.  And bad sex happens and she depicts this so well.

Following the bad sex, Jake leaves for war and Mira ends up pregnant. During the time they are apart Jake advances in his position as an Army Ranger and Mira living with her parents and learned how to take care of her son Sam.

Years later they reconnect due to fate intervening and the spark between them is there, but it’s more like a shock. That leaves both parties speechless.

When Mira sees Jake for the first time in years he is not the strong confidant soon-to-be solider. He is grumpy, agitating war hero who is also an amputee and dealing with decisions he made during war.

When Jake sees Mira for the first time in years she is strong and gorgeous. She is just as he left her and he wants her. Mira is learning to be an independent, single parent, without the assistance of her family and ex-boyfriend.

This is a great Memorial Day read. This books makes you wish in HEA and be proud of our service men and women.

Serena Bell always gives us real life and sometimes the decisions her characters make are not the best. She shows the PTSD that Jake is dealing with and the

Happy Reading. Thank you for all that you do!

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