Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fake it

Fake It by Jennifer Chance
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Anna needs a man, in more than one way, and she needs one bad. Anna was dating a guy, he fits her criteria of her ideal guy; tall, successful, powerful, and business oriented. Except this guy…dumps her and she is all alone. Hence the need for a man. So she casually creates this fictional guy and now she has to take, said guy, to her best friends wedding. Thus the reason, #2 for needing a man more than one-way. So Anna is set on meeting a man, any man, that can meet her fictional guys standards, so when she attends the wedding she can show her ex, whose also her boss, LOL, and her best friend that she is not worthless and manless. 

How should a woman put up her ideal man? Me, I would set up an EHarmony account but no, Anna had to be difficult and she met one at a bar. Not purposely, see Jack, the guy she drools over in her daydreams and at night, hits on her and makes himself available for this fictional boyfriend role.

I was not expecting detailed descriptions of their coitus in this book, so with that here I go.

I enjoyed the characters in this book a lot. I like the conversation and interactions with each other. Each character was built soundly from beginning to end. I also enjoyed how this book could be a standalone and you would not have had to read book one in this series.

Anna is uptight and needs to get some in my opinion. It is evident in the story that sex should be on the table for this ruse. 
She has this ridge thought process of work, her life, and the man that should be in it. Even fictional. 

Jake is born to be wild. He is his own person. Self made man. He has his eyes on Anna. He has had an attraction to her since he became her neighbor.

I like the ups and downs of this story and how well the story just flows. There were spots in the book where I was just cracking up. All I could think of was how this is the best first date ever. 

The author gets straight to the point with this couple all we [reader] have to do is step back and see if this relationship will work. 

Happy reading.

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