Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daddy's Game

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Carmen is an artist that is trying to accomplish the goals that she set for her self. One of the goals was to show her work at an art gallery. On the day of the show, she meets Natron. Natron is a professional football player who attends the showing to obtain art, for investment purposes. The gallery director introduces the two and there is an attraction but because of Carmen’s shyness and overall innocence’s she declines Natron’s request to attend an after-party with him and his crew.

Later in the book, like a chapter, they meet again and she goes on a date with him.

Carmen is a little weak, reminds me of a little girl, and appears to have no friends.  If it weren’t for Natron, I think she would continue to be depressed and lonely.

Natron is a freak and likes to be called Daddy, hence the name of the series. Their interactions together were okay. I wanted more out of them. They, in my opinion, did not have very good communication for the D/s relationship that they decided to have. I know, my idea of this relationship only comes from books, but they are are some really detailed books.

Overall the book was okay. I liked the concept but I just could not get into the characters and the scene with the bowl and his seed, Yuck! Seriously, yuck. But the sex scenes are so hot; the fire department should be called.

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