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My 5 star review of Three Dirty Secrets by Nikki Sloane

Three Dirty Secrets (Blindfold Club, #4)Three Dirty Secrets by Nikki Sloane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Erotica Romance

Series: Yes. Book four in the series.

Rating: 5/5

Steam level: 4/5

Main characters: Regan (The Blindfold Club worker) and Silas Getty (Tattoo artist and artist)

Synopsis: Three Dirty Secrets.

No man can own me. I negotiate sex for money at an illicit blindfold club, but my body is not for sale. I don’t submit and I don’t surrender.

Until I meet him. This beautiful artist’s tattoo now covers the scar of the worst mistake of my life.

Being with him could expose everything I’ve been hiding, and although there’s so much at stake, I can’t stop myself. The battle for control between us is too hot, too powerful to resist.

With all my dirty secrets, what’s going to happen when he forces me to come clean?

Did I enjoy?: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Brief review: Huge Nikki Sloan fan. I have read all of her Blindfold Club books. They are phenomenal. Let’s get started on this wonderful tale. Nikki wrote a story that touched my heart. I am Regan. 100%, that is me. Nikki hijacked my heart and mind with this story. She wrote about this incredibly alpha women and her learning to be dominate in a male dominated world. Now Regan is dominate and the man candy that catches her eye wants to lead. Can two lead? Domme and a Dom? What an interesting storyline.

I love smutty reads (Erotica) and Nikki secures that all day long but there is something more than sex that is presented in her writing that keeps satisfied.

So, I love the characters and that my old loves are back [How I miss Logan, Dominick and Joseph]. Nikki writes such memorable characters that are loveable and truly unforgettable. I will never forget their first BOOM, BOOM action and ROOM 3. SO HOT!

Let me express how much I don’t like series that have a recycled topic. Each book that Nikki writes is new to my heart and mind. Her writing fulfills a need that I seek when I read smut (erotic) books and it is ooh so good.

Regan reminds to me of a cross between Joseph and Payton. She took the wittiness and sexiest part of them and built Regan. I love how she is just a little weak, that reminds me of Noemi (a tad) but only in a submissive way.

Nikki totally makes reading fun. I read books because I like the escape. I was on Fantasy Island in this book and I did not want Tattoo to call for the plane. I was all about this book and it’s twist and turns, the suspense and the smoldering red-hot BAM-BAM on all the pages.

Would I read it again: Yes. This book and all the books in the series are books that are on my “rainy day” list. When I am in a book funk, this series of books are my go to reads. Perfect and never tire of them.

If you have not read this series, start on it now. It is awesome. This book can be read as a standalone and it does involve a HEA and a lot of dominating personalities, which is unique, hilarious and makes me proud to be a feminist.

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