Friday, February 6, 2015

(Review) Throb

ThrobThrob by Vi Keeland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC provided for honest review.

I am about the say the most blasphemous thing ever, I do not watch Survivor or The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I know that this is problem a shocker for most people, as the entire world problem has seen it at some time in their life. Me, I am not one of them.

That being said. Throb was a new kind of contemporary for me. I liked the concept, the drama, and the dominant males. Vi keep me interested. The twist, plot thicker, was nice. Overall the book had a good flow to it.

I am not a contemporary girl, so there were some struggles for me. I was able to get pass them because I liked the story and the difficult decisions people have to make for love.

I was informed recently that there will be a continuation with their series with some of the characters from book one. Well, if that is true, congrats to the author. If I could say one person I would like to see more of in this series it would be Sadie. She’s a sassy lady.

Happy reading.

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