Saturday, November 1, 2014

Relentless-eARC review

Relentless (The Marsh Brothers, #1)Relentless by Anna Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought the story was good, It had several prime points that made it not like other books. Which I loved.

I like Michaela and Jor's relationship. I just which I could have seen more of it. Possibly in the beginning in snippets.

The sex was hot.

He was a great alpha male.

I liked that it eased into us learning that he was a billionaire and the secrecy behind. This lead to other secrets which made the story interesting and not just an instant love, kind of thing.

Jor is not like other billionaires, which was awesome. I love FSOG, Up in the air, and the Cross series and as you know these books are about billionaires but it's insta-love and alpha power.

Michaela: I liked her resistances to the fast pass love. That was realistic.

Jordan: I liked how he saw their relationship (pass friendship) and in his rational they have been dating for like 6mos. It was cute. He is defiantly relentless. Loved it!

I was a little confused about one thing. I feel like I missed a story about Donovan and Alaina. I mean was there a stand-alone for them. The way the story is written during the dinner scene it is as if they had their own book.

I thought this was a series on the March brothers. Well if Donovan doesn't have a book then their story sounds interesting.

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