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Honey Girl-Review

Honey Girl (Chapter 1)Honey Girl by Juliette Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Honey opens with Lila looking upon her love and describing his beauty and he whirlwind romance that landed her a fiancé.

Book one describes Lila is a virginal, broke, women in need of a job. Then she becomes a deflowered assistant to a billionaire.

Like book one Lila experiences some highs (love and companionship) and lows (unsureness). Though I love fantasy, I read books to escape to one, with this book I sat back, just like in book one, and tapped my lip. Wondering, what happens when it all comes crashing down? Will Lila survive? Will Alexander deal well with not having his way?
Will their love survive hardship?

Juliette describes the trials and tribulations so well that I ached for resolve.

Since I read 50 Shades of Grey, I was wondering who would top the virgin and the billionaire. Then I read Billionaire. When I heard that book two was going to be making an appearance I was eager to see how Juliette would redefine my idea of Alex and Lila. Well, she did.

Lila is Alex's calm and she is his fire. They ignite and extinguish each other so well I am surprise there was no weather anomaly in this book.

In this book Lila must learn how to be the fiancĂ©e of a billionaire. And not viewed as a classless whore who just wants his money and is not intelligent enough to handle his business. I feel as though Lila makes headway in this until the Alex’s past attempts to affect their future.

The sex in this book was off the chain. Juliette can write some sex scenes. I like how they its scattered throughout the book and how past interludes from the past (Book one) are coming back to haunt them.

Juliette places real situations within the book. This makes for defining moments and some dramatic pauses. At times, I felt as though I should be gasping as the music plays du, du, duuuuuu.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to Jake’s book. If Alex can get down with his age, I can’t wait to see what a young buck like Jake.

Happy Reading.

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