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Cash's Fight

Cash's Fight (The Last Riders, #5)Cash's Fight by Jamie Begley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cash is a badass biker. Rachel is as sweet as southern sweet tea. Together they are the odd couple but the Jamie writes their yin and yang very well.

This is the fifth (5) book in The Last Riders series and Jamie provides readers with enough background history to ensure that you can follow Cash’s and Rachel’s story.

The story opens with Cash trying to get some pussy but he is cock blocked by the Porter brothers. Which is really funny. Cash decides he will ruffle some Porter Brother feathers by spending time with Rachel, their sister.

Cash is a member of The Last Riders motorcycle club. Prior to joining the MC, he has been a loner. The more I read about him, I realize that he has no emotional connection with anyone outside of the MC.

This changes when Cash sees Rachel again since he has returned.

Rachel is a novice and wholesome. She is patient and kind. She tolerates her brother’s and their foolish but loves them so much.

Rachel has loved Cash since she was young. When Cash starts to pay attention to Rachel. The feelings that she begins to have deviously wet feelings for him (wagging my eyebrows) and this is unfamiliar to her. She is not use to that kind of attention from man. The love that Rachel has for family, passion and community is the same that wants to convey to Cash. Will Cash be receptive to her love, is he worthy of her? Can he be emotionally available to her?

I love MC’s and this book was something new for me. The theme of book was not at all what I thought but how the author integrated this into the story line was fantastic.

My review has to be limited because; just the littlest of information will give this great story away. I can say the sex is good in the book. It is just enough to keep you wiggling in your seat.

This is the first book I read in the series but I was not lost at all. That is a great author. She gave me enough back-story of the previous books, to feel comfortable with the flow of Cash’s book.

Happy Reading.

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