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A Lil' Less Broken by Tara Oakes

A Lil' Less Broken (The Kingsmen, #1)A Lil' Less Broken by Tara Oakes
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I have never been to a MC clubhouse. I have never had friends who are in a MC, “sad face.” But Tara Oakes make me want to be apart of this life, this passion, and this family. She seriously makes me want to become someone’s Ol’ Lady. She depicts such passion in this story that I read it in one day.

The story of Lil and Jasper (Jay) is told in the past and the present. As the reader, Tara gave us the opportunity to get to know them and to begin to fall in love with their second chance at love.

In the past Lil had everything, Jay, family and love. One misunderstanding affects Lil and Jay’s lives and ends their perfect romance. In the present one misunderstanding brings them back together.

Me, I love sex in books, hence why a bulk of my reads are Erotica books. The detail the author puts into the story and the physical aspect of the characters, is kiss worthy. In this book, I do not have to wait long for some action between the two characters. I quite enjoyed Jay’s dominance in this book and how he knows when to acquiesce to Lil.

I have a thing about supporting characters; I think they should be as strong as their leads. All the supports in the book were on point. Because of this, I am eager for book two, to see how they will lead/aid in the development of the story.

When I was given this book, as an ARC I was so worried that I would not like it. I have to be honest, I found myself to be a mainstream MC lover. Yeah, yeah, I know that there are a lot of MC book’s out there, but me I only read certain authors, and you have read them to, I know it. But Tara is not similar to any other author. That is what makes this golden. She has helped redefine the theme and genre. She and River have changed my idea of MC books all together. You can think that MC books are only about the hot men that dominate on bikes but you are so wrong. It is a brotherhood, it’s family without blood, it honor, and respect. It is some much more that a hot ass on a bike with jeans, black boots and only his cut on. Oh, wow, fanning myself right now. Seriously, many of the other storylines have been... lets... say predictable. I liked that this storyline was not predictable and that is had me at the first scene.

I am eager for book two because book one did end on a major cliffhanger. Do not fret; book two should be out soon enough.

Happy reading.

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