Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Could I have a book boyfriend who is as GREAT as Drew. Well lets see what would set the criteria for such an unfathomable, impossible statement.

First, he would have to be a great boyfriend, or at least be great before 44% of the book. I mean Drew was dickly in more than one way (lol, oh yeah) but he was rationally sweet about why he was dickly.

Second, he would have to talk dirty and I mean filthy when having sex and general conversation.

Third, he would need to be strong, in something such as: work, with friendships and physically.


Fourth, he must be able to handle power. You can take that however you want.

Well Matthew is all of these! He is the new best book boyfriend.

Emma did it again by giving us this wonderful man slut who happens to be a hottie, with a body, that is always ready to par-ty. Did I really just do that. Oh well, Matthew brings it out of me.

He is such a genuine guy. So let the story begin. The book opens when Kate and Drew are at odds with one another; they have yet to acknowledge the lust they have for each other. As you know from book one, the company has a party in which Kate brings her boyfriend/fiancĂ© and her best friend.  Though you know the rest from Drew’s version in Tangled, you have yet to know the true story of Matthew first meeting with Dee (Delores).

I must say I love is how Matthew openly flirts with Dee. He makes this crass ass joke about her name. Haha, and it is dirty/filth. See he already fitting into my mold of an ideal book boyfriend.

If you are wondering, yes this story takes place in conjunction with Tangled and it is fabulous! You get to see Tangle from Matthew’s perceptive. Love it! The loving in this book is hot, dirty and filthy. Seriously, it is. He has a Ducati, all that power an he definitely knows how to handle it.

As the story unfolds we see that Dee has some commitment issues and is a wee-bit crazy. But a good crazy, if that is such a thing. Matthew is kind, patient and sweet with Dee and her fears. He is also open to conspiracy theories that Dee spits. And in the eye of science Dee has to be right (right?) because she is a rocket scientist. Are they still called that or are they now called an Aerospace Engineer. I digress. Either way, she is correct with her…theories…no matter how radically forward/backwards, thinking she is.

It’s funny, Matthew slightly turns into Drew (salty) and Drew grows into Matthew (sweet). Within both stories, we find two bachelors that get pussy whenever they want because they are the Pussy Whispers, and when they want something they go for it hard.

I truly saw Matthew grow in this book. While he learns to be in a relationship, he also learns to be a stronger person and how to deal with girlfriends of Christmas past.

All in all, you are getting two stories in one read and you do not realize it until Matthew says some keywords from Tangled.

Tamed is a book that can be read as a stand-alone. It reads so well and the relationship with Dee and Matthew is fabulous.

I am so looking forward to more books in this series.

Happy reading, trending, and booking.

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