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Love With Every Beat

Love With Every BeatLove With Every Beat by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC given for an honest review. 3.5 star rating.

Alfie (the lead) is a sexually competent alpha male. The author, K.L. Segwick, wrote Alfie as the perfect guy to have fun with. Just thinking about how she described his mouth and all the wonderful things he was described as doing in this book; well it makes my lady part weep, it drips with joy.

He is delectable and his perseverance and stamina is ferocious. As you can tell, I really liked Alfie. His POV is so sad, sweet, difficult, and causes the reader to be patient, such as the characters had to learn to be.

The book is a long installment and to dissect into the important moments in Alfie’s life. It also shows his longevity of love for Lily. Alfie defines the saying love is a battlefield and not cookie cutter perfect. Segwick writes Alfie and Lily as humans, who show their ego, hurt, triumph and confidence.

The story (in the beginning) really depicts Alfie as not a great guy, a hot guy, but he was a dick. A big one, per the book.

While I was reading, I thought, why would I read a book about a shitty guy, why does he have to be an asshole? He is human and in the book world, we are so use to the creation of the Hero, that we forget that not all men are like Christen Grey. They make stupid decisions and when they do, they are not always easily forgiven.

There were so many sections in the book; I was screaming, “Go to her!” “Make better decisions!” “Keep that massive dick in your pants.” “Tell her how you feel.” “OMG, he really worked her well. Wow.”

I was lost in the beginning of this book because I never read Lily’s two books. Also, this book is long and it took me awhile to get into it. But once I began to know the characters, I was able to understand the book a little bit better. I do not believe this is a stand-alone book. You must read this book after you have read book one and book two.

Happy reading.

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