Tuesday, June 3, 2014


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book takes the reader on a journey were the hunted/novice learns to be the hunter expert. It reminds me of Snow White (new version) becoming the Huntsman.
Alexis, the Heroine, wants to be needed and wanted sexually. She needs to learn more about her strength and sexuality as a woman.
The writer conveys this well. The sexual need/tension was phenomenal in this book.  As the reader I could see the heat come from my iPad from each of the character that was wanted Alexis.
The poor girl doesn’t find herself attractive and has a low self-esteem of herself. There are scenes in the book where Alexis talks to herself, and it reminds me of Ana’s (50 Shades of Grey) inner goddess. I would have been perfect in this book, but perfection was delivered as the author decided to us the assistance of two fair godmothers, both of Alexis’s roommates [Romy and Richard]. One of them is a male and his help is beneficial to the development of Alexis, you will see.
Alexis roommates teach her how to rebrand herself. Which is quite rockin’.
I love how no matter the situation Alexis is was caught in these positions that make it look like she is more physically active in than she is. Every time this occurs only one person sees her, the Hero and the man that Alexis has the hoody eye, biting my lip and panting for each time she sees him.
The Hero (Nathan Fallon) in this book is described as hot, but I believe that the true Hero is Richard. I see him as the person who truly, physically, helped Alexis become the woman with a positive self-esteem. Richard gives her tutorials in the art of self-confidence and sexuality and most need the hands on approach.

1.   The anticipations
2.   The opening scene
3.   The male characters (Richard and Nathan)
4.   The depiction of the sports agent world, it is raunchy and I love it. LOL
5.   Strong Alexis

1.   Weak Alexis
2.   Douchey guy (you will know him when you read about him)
3.   The ending.

This is a straight to the point kind of book.  Really easy read. Lovely.

Happy Reading.

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