Monday, May 26, 2014

Forever Your Heart

Forever Your Heart by Mary Whitney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I recently received Forever your Heart from the author for an honest review. I was a little skepty about this book and its series. Side Note (SN): I also read the first two books.  Back to why I was skeptical, I am not into just romance books with no passion, heat, and descriptive detail of bumping beautiful’s (because if you are an adult, it is not ugly). So I said to self, self read the damn book and see if you can change.

Well…I have not changed I still like erotic, very detailed books but I have to say that this is author made me really enjoy this series, this book… well I guess the whole sha-bang.

The beginning of Forever your Heart does not leave off where Disclosure of the Heart did. This book actually beginnings at the same spot book one does, but from Adam’s POV. If you remember, Nicki had just talked with her friends while they were on their trip to Europe (London town). We see this experience through Adam’s eyes and learn that Adam still misses and thinks about Nicki. These are two people who in this book/series, who have grown and then have a chance to reconnect.

I think the portrayal of their relationship in this book is the better than in book one. I don’t recall every reading a book this passionate. I can not think of one book were two people have moved forward with their lives to only still love one another even more furiously then they did when they were young.

The way this book was written, I didn’t need the smut (which I love) to make the story better. This story still allowed me to release so of my oxytocin. I can honestly say that all the sexual tension and openness in this book was just as hot.

This is the book were you want the guy to fight for the girl, get the girl, keep the girl, and have tons of babies. You want Nicki to have her HEA and for Adam to get the girl and not cry. LOL. Man does that Brit cry.

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