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I was provided this book as an ARC from NetGalley.

Juliette Jones has provided a completed book of 1-7 of the Billionaire novellas.

To read the series in one stroke (no pun intended) was great. This book has the Alpha male, the dirty talk, the romance, the billionaire, and the girl who bits of more than she can chewy.

Juliette allows the reader to see the development of Alexander and Lila.

Alexander finds someone who brings out the beast in him.

Lila finds someone who presents the inhibitions that she has not had with another. What are they to do when their attraction becomes his obsession?  Per the read, Alexander has always been in control and with Lila he is not. She has come kind of sexual power over him and he does not know what to do with it.  Do you leave it or attack it?

Lila attacks the man whom she finds attractive. She is similar to a lioness with her flirting in the beginning of the book and how she develops into a sexual woman throughout the book. She learns about herself, her needs, her wants, and how to use them.

The book is written by POV of each of the characters and I love this. I need to know what thoughts they are having because if this was just from Lila’s POV I would think Alexander was crazy.

Granted he is gorgeous and successful but some of things he does to keep control over Lila make me uncomfortable. But when I understand it from his POV, I think he is sweet, concerned and sometimes makes the wrong choice of how to handle his concerns.

This book will make you needy, it a good way. The dirty talk and acts in this book make you fan yourself. Did I find the story about their romance to be a quick read, yes. But it is several novellas made into a book. Their love was unconventional to societal standards, but hey, it is fiction. 

I must say I wanted more of their story, Lila and Alexander.

I hope there is a story being created for Alexander’s brother. I really enjoyed his character in this book.

Happy reading.

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