Thursday, May 1, 2014

About the Billionaire and it's author Juliette Jones

BILLIONAIRE (Complete Book) is approximately 310 pages. It is a serialized eBook originally published as a series of chapters; It contains adult themes, strong language and sexual situations, and is intended for adult readers.


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Juliette Jones is the author of BILLIONAIRE and WILD RIDE. She has worked as an editor, a librarian and the administrative assistant of a hot billionaire. She lives in New York City.

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1. Alexander never had sex without a condom until approximately twenty minutes after he meets Lila.

2. Lila graduated from Princeton in three years with a 4.0 GPA.  This is not obvious during her job interview :)

3. Lila ran away from home when she was ten years old.  Alexander’s past is equally dark.  Instant, white-hot lust draws them together but it’s their damages that bind them.

4. When Alexander first takes Lila shopping at Barneys, the total cost of her new clothes, boots and jackets (unbeknownst to Lila) was $78,000.

5. Alexander is a talented surfer.

6. Alexander’s favorite band is the Rolling Stones.  He also likes Mozart.

7. On poker night, Alexander wins more than $350,000.  Lila’s jackpot that particular night is more … physical in nature :)

8. Alexander owns the New York City skyscraper he lives in.  He also owns two Maseratis, two limos, a Maybach, a Ferrari, a Ducati, two Lamborghinis, a yacht and a Gulfstream jet.  Aside from his Fifth Avenue penthouse, his other residences include a hotel in Paris (where he takes Lila), a mansion in the Hamptons, an island in Maine, a spacious studio in Key West, a beachfront condo in Hawaii, a city block in Houston and a bungalow in Malibu with a 12-acre vineyard and a view of the ocean.

9. Alexander’s brother Jake is guilty of insider trading and his favorite food is apple pie.  These details will become relevant in the next book(s) [Jake will also get his own book (BADBOY, Billionaire #3).

10. The ring Alexander buys for Lila costs one million dollars.  He buys it at Tiffany & Co.


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