Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Barts Review

Sunny lost her mother when she was young and was raised by her father. Recently she lost her father. Sunny is currently all alone. Sunny has been sheltered, by her father, and is very "green" to many situations in her life.  Sunny makes a choice to expand her knowledge of people and her life and decides that she wants to live on the island that she was born, her parents fell in love and were married, and the place that she can spread her fathers ashes so her parents can be together again. 

Sunny's novice nature is present in the story. Her innocents was so refreshing. She was so sweet and humble and open to new things. She was taught to be very organized. Because of this she has a routine. Sunny keeps a journal for her “To-Do’s” and her goals in life. She requires order for everything. Sunny did not have much choice as to what to do in/with her life. She did not have many of the freedoms that most people have. When Sunny meets Sven, she sees something in him that she wants to learn.

Sven is the perfect person for Sunny. He is looking for something in his life to change for the better. He wants a break from the monotony of various women, sex, and drinking on a constant basis.
Sunny meets Sven and asks him to be her sexual mentor, because we see those around quite often. "Wink Wink".

But I must say that I did like Sunny and Sven’s relationship. Their time together reminded me of people starting a new relationship and deciding to take it slow; Basically, instead of having sex on the third date, they wait until the fourth or fifth. Lol. (Yes, I lol’ed myself).

I really enjoyed the development of Sunny and Sven’s relationship. Like most love/romances, you must have angst. I do not know if that is what we must have in the romance stories, or if it is what we expect to have.  We root for the main characters and no matter the outcome of the story we just keep waiting for them to reemerge as this power couple with no flaws and is able to work through it all. This story has many ups and downs like the hills described in the story. But it does not matter what the difficulty is (of the relationship) I [as the reader] wanted them to work, to succeed.

Emme wrote the characters with the same goal (each character no matter how short their part, had a goal) and growth (all the characters had some kind of growth). When shit happens, and it did, it was bad. There was no next chapter and we forget about the mess that was made. We went through the suspense, the drama, the love, and the fight. That I was cheering and wishing I had a knife, disgusted and embarrassment, and sated (oh my Sven).

I would love to read the sequel. I just saw it at Amazon, but it will not allow me to purchase it. This must be corrected. Must read book 2 because I cannot leave it unfinished. I gave this book 3.5 stars because I felt like something was missing but I cannot tell you what, I honestly don’t know. Maybe I want to know how LA is or a soliloquy from Clyde. I don't know why but I just needed more from Emme. 

I needed a vacation and this book definitely allowed me to relax, think of all the detailed descriptions of the location. It is such a beautiful sight. While reading I just wanted to be at the beach (I do not like the beach but Emme made me want the beach) or to lay on a day bed in St. Barts, making a To-Do list, with my green cowboy hat, old (yet beautiful) green bikini, learning a language, and eating great food with a nice glass of wine.

Happy reading.

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