Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Million Guilty Pleasures

A Million Guilty Pleasures (Million Dollar Duet, #2)A Million Guilty Pleasures by C.L. Parker
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Two million dollars secured Noah Crawford the most enticing woman he has ever known. Initiating Delaine Talbot into a sensuous world of pleasure took them both to the brink—again and again. But when Noah discovers why the beautiful innocent sold her body to the highest bidder, he’s faced with the hardest thing he ever had to do: Set her free.

Lanie can’t believe Noah would let her go. Doesn’t he know they share a bond deeper than sex—a connection too powerful to sever? Not even a treacherous enemy out to destroy Noah or the dark secret haunting the multibillionaire can keep them apart. But first Lanie has to show him that he belongs to her, even if it means risking everything for a love that can never be bought or sold.

This book produced a new fictional boyfriend for me, Noah Crawford. Where once I loved Prince Charming, now I fantasize about the words that were written to create a lovely Mr. Crawford.

Then there is Lanie, who is such the perfect female protagonist. She is awe-inspiring. She wants to help her family and love her man. Wow.

I found the writing to be wonderful.

I loved Dez dialogue to Lanie.
“I’m breaking you out.” She turned to look me over once again with an approving smile. “Boyfriend sure did trick you out, huh? Look at you with the little red minidress, Slutty McSlutterson.” Then she suddenly gasped, her eyes going wide. “You have been thoroughly scrogged! Spill!” (Dez)

I love Lanie’s speech about Noah.
“… I guess I knew all along that an actual relationship working out between a billionaire and a simple girl from Hillsboro would be nothing short of a fairy tale, and fairy tales simply don’t come true. The problem is that Noah makes me feel like maybe they can. I mean he told me he loves me, so despite my fears, I started to believe things really could work out between us.”

I was worried, on the edge of sit, and laughing out loud. It was a great mix of all life’s troubles with a major twist of drama.

Noah and Laine, together, are hot. The passion and their bedding are so steamy.

I was looking for there to be more to this book, possible a book three (hint, hint). But it ended almost perfect. I must admit I wanted the ending to be little different but maybe I can get that wish with a book three.  That last chapter was beyond steamy, it was truly smoking. I was fanning myself.

What would be awesome and I thought was kind of hinted is Dez and David. That would be an aggressive relationship were Dez would whoop him sexually and verbally, to the point of speechless and limpness.

This is a must read.

Happy Reading.

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