Saturday, January 25, 2014

Virgin Redemption

The Virgin: RedemptionThe Virgin: Redemption by J. Dallas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I must say that I loved the first book of the Virgin series. I thought it was gripping. The plotting and planning, the detail that Shan placed into what she wanted.
When book two came out I was jumping around like a fan girl. Oh so embarrassing.

I open my book, start reading and was so pleased at how well it reads. I am so in love with the bad-boy of this mini series. Who won’t be in love with an asshole who is also 100% egomaniacal. I am. Drake in book one was defined as the person that you loved to hate. Now we are in book two and I still feel the same way, but I was a little disappointed in the storyline.

I was struggling with their story in book one because I wanted the revenge. But then Dallas leads me in another direction at the very end of book one.

The cliffhanger was awesome in book one; the opening in book two takes you back a little (prior to the ending of book one, it’s all good) and then brings you to the end of book one.

With such strong characters and the writing makes you want Shan and Drake to be together in book one and book two. But the storyline in book two, I really did not like it. It was not want I expected.

This second book will close out some of the questions you have but for me I still have one that needs to be answered. Now I have read this book twice and I still do not have this answer. Frustrating. I wouldn’t say that I loved this book like book one, it was just asi asi (so, so).

Now this is the final book for the Virgin, but will it be the final book for Drake and Shan, because let’s admit it, similar to the show Cougar Town, this title no longer fits.

Happy reading.

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