Monday, January 6, 2014

Forbidden Surrender

Forbidden Surrender (Surrender, #1)Forbidden Surrender by Priscilla West
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story of Kristen and Vincent is not similar to other stories about male billionaires. So take that out of your mind.

Now look at that lovely cover and know that there are definitely some intimate scenes in this book. Oh my, they are lush.

But lets get to the skinny on the couple in this book.

Vincent is a fresh new face to the “aires, short for million or billion aire” club. He is young and inventive. He wants something real and tangible in his life.

Kristen is intelligent, strong, determine, and a leader. She is not easily swayed and tasks risk. She is very attracted to Vincent but pushed that thought to the side and becomes more worried about the account she is trying to obtain for her employer. And Vincent so happens to be the client to this much needed account, Oh my.

So how do they get together, since the synopsis provides you this idea and the cover, again oh my…so lush, gives that wonderful visual, well it is not like Disney and she didn’t almost get picked off by a bike messenger.

When they meet in an unrelated work environment, pheromones are in the air and well lets say they are taken on a new adventure together.

When thinking of this story, and I have read a lot of books, I cannot compare it to any other. Their physical relationship or coitus (as my favorite show would say) is good in this book. I would give it a three out of five steamy rating.

There is no tale of any virginity being taken, she is not selling herself to help her family, she is not a waitress, poor and needs to be saved by the “aire”, and there is most definitely not a contract to provide physical pain

There relationship is so simple. I really like that. I also like how the author makes you feel at ease with their relationship. It is simple, boy meets girl and they like each other with no conditions.

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