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Yours to Keep

Yours to KeepYours to Keep by Serena Bell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Ana Travares has been looking over her shoulder her whole life. Her U.S. visa expired when she was a young girl, and if her secret is discovered, she’ll be forced to return to the Dominican Republic. Ana allowed herself to get close to someone once before—and after he broke her heart, she swore never to make the same mistake again. But when a handsome doctor asks for her assistance, she fantasizes about breaking all her rules.

Even though pediatrician Ethan Hansen is a natural when it comes to little kids, as the single father of a teenage son he just can’t seem to get it right . . . except for the Spanish tutor he’s hired for his son, Theo. Ana has managed to crack Theo’s shell—and he isn’t the only one taken with her. The sexy tutor has fired up Ethan with a potent mix of lust and protectiveness. But as he starts to envision a future with Ana, Ethan is devastated to learn the truth about her citizenship. Somehow he’s got to find a way to help her—and hold on to the woman he’s falling hopelessly in love with.

This book was so sweet and a very easy read. All of the characters were strong, the storyline was heartbreaking.

Ana and Ethan fall in love. Their relationship is so sweet and patient. The looks, the accidental touches, the passion. All these are motivators for Ethan to fall for Ana.

Ana sees how polite, respective, kind and a good parent Ethan is and also how HOT and she fall for him.

He smelled like hand soap and something cleanly musky that she could identify only as big, sexy guy.
She absorbed details she’d been unable to process earlier: long lashes, killer cheekbones; clean-shaven, well groomed, neatly dressed.

Their love is unorthodox, with a major side a taboo. The boss falling for the employee.

“I think about you all the time. Kissing you. Touching you. Having you.” A flicker of surprise moved over her features, and he watched for signs that he’d gone too far. All he saw, though, was the slight softening of her lower lip, the widening of her eyes, a reflection of his heat, and it was crazy the way it bounced back and forth between them, escalating until he had to look away. If she dropped her eyes, she’d see that kissing and touching was only the beginning of what he wanted, planned, ached to do to her.

Oh my. But when they fall. We fall hard with them, and it is hard.

She panted and moaned, moving her hand higher on this thigh until she felt the bulge of his cock straining into her hand.

“Here,” he said, and he slid his thumb into her mouth.

She sucked it, and his breath huffed out of him as if he’d been punched, and he dived for her his hands yanking her hair.

Within this love story, Ethan has no idea that Ana is here illegally.

“Are you here illegally?” [Ethan]

When he discovers this he has to make a decision. One for himself and for his son.

This leaves Ana, unsure of their relationship. She is heartbroken. She never loved like this and in such a short amount of time.

Her heartache had exactly the same dimensions and ferocity as her desire for Ethan.

With love, disappointment and absence seems to be what makes the heart grow fonder. But how much can this couple take?

This is one of the stories were you want the law to bend the rules and you want the good guys and women to win.

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