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Family Care

Family CareFamily Care by Jessa Callaver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When 18-year-old Josie agreed to sacrifice her last high school spring break babysitting for the new family in town she could have never foreseen the result. The Sharps are young, attractive, and successful with a gorgeous home and a hidden secret. What's the most that could happen?

I wanted something new to read so I left all the purchase books and decided to look on Amazon. I found a book, for free, called Family Care. The cover and summary alone had me intrigued with this book.

So I brought it on my Kindle app and commence reading.

It literally took me one day and many breaks in between (do to me fanning myself) to read this HOT, sensual novel.

This book is so steam worthy. Oh My!

The story works it’s way educating the reader on Josie’s feelings for the father of the kids she babysitters for in this story. The author delivers a feeling of aww for Josie and her little crush.

 Evan Sharp, esquire, super attorney and hottie of the first order. Whether dressed in his best suit, or rising from a restless sleep with bed bead, morning breath, and a five o’clock shadow, the man had whiplash-effecting good looks. He was just that striking. At around six-feet-two inches, he had a full head of dark brown hair, a thin muscular body molded from years of football (he’d been the big man on campus throughout his school tenure), and a face that could have easily found him a prized poster on the wall of hormonal teenyboppers far and wide.

There is a scene in the book were Josie is masturbating and she would normally think of Brad and Angelina fooling around, just to get off. She was close to having an orgasm when her fantasy of Brad and Angelina turns to Mr. Evan Sharp. This thought and his actions in the fantasy help her to have a fabulous orgasm, Yesssssss!

There were some steamy scenes in the book, the masturbating scene being one of them. But then the story turns way up 28% (if using a Kindle e-book) into the book. Once it gets started, it does not slow down. There is some serious sex in this book. It is deep and you may need to take a break and breathe.

In the midst of everything, I still got a great story.

Ms. Callaver is a very good erotic writer and will definitely keep the storyline going smoothly (keeping you intrigued).  I was very interested in Josie and the Sharp’s. I actually did not want this story to end.

This book is open and not afraid to push the limits of some novice readers.

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays.

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