Monday, December 16, 2013

Dining Club #4 Seduce

Seduce (The Dining Club #4)Seduce by Marina Anderson
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Part Four:

We begin were we left off in Part Three.

Grace just finished completing the last item on the menu. Originally she was dining with another couple but during the activities she was left alone. The people who were dining with her chose to not continue with the dining club.

Grace learns more about herself in Part Four. This scares her. Because choosing to stay at the dining club with her love, David, means that there is no way back.

David is in love with Grace and is tired of being alone. He wants someone to share his life with but within in this thought he know that he will tire of his love with Grace, as he has in the past with others. He wants one women who can be his everything. And when he meet Grace he saw that she could be that person.

David and Grace are fighting to be with one another. David needs Grace to complete all the dinners. He needs her in his life.

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