Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All He Needs

Kate Hart and Dominic Knight's volatile love affair continues.

ARC Review from Publisher.

Overall Review:
This book took me a lot longer to read. I don’t know if the holiday’s effected my reading time or if it was the book.
I found myself interested in all the characters and wanting their affair to be reinstated.

In the beginning, you find yourself feeling the emotions of Nick and Kate being apart. They are both in need of each other, but are learning to live without each other.

Nick could be found in the beginning being incorrigible and has increased in his solitary drinking. His friend/head of security makes a comment about his concerns, “You’re drinking a lot and you’re drinking alone.” Nick does not seem to care.

Nick knows that he is not doing well with out Kate, but he is trying to drown out her absence and erase the thoughts he has of Kate, with drinking.

Without Kate, he still has his control. He has helped establish her placement in Singapore.

Kate is barricading herself with at work, visiting home, meeting guys (wink, wink) and trying to eliminate her thoughts of Nick and physical need of him.

They find their way back to one another, it’s just how healthy and secure is their relationship since the incident in book one.

I must say that Nick is definitely the Master of the Universe. He is dominating, demanding, powerful, and he is as open as he can be with Kate. He wants to be with her. She is his next breath and without her he is choking.

Kate wants to be with Nick but doesn’t see it has anything definite.

Kate's feeling about their affair.
“I’m not sure we have a relationship.” (Kate)

When the thought of who would get hurt in their relationship, Kate expresses she is the one out of her league with Nick herself in this area also.

“If anyone’s cast a spell over anyone, it’s the other way around, I’m trying to keep my feet on the ground in a world I’ve never known.”

Kate is really just trying to be with Nick because at any given time he could let her go and she would be a mess.

You are really rooting for their affair and hope it turns into a true relationship and not a business arrangement.

Nick is a beast and all beasts can be tamed. Lets just hope Kate can do it.

Good book. Can be read as a standalone but reading the book one builds your love of the characters.

Happy Reading.

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