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Blasphemous (Torn Series #3) (Emma's story)

Blasphemous (Torn, #3)Blasphemous by Pamela Ann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emma, Emma, Emma. What can I say, you loved and lost (Carter) and loved and lost again (Bass) and now, you must put your big girl pants on.

I am all for you loving to your hearts desire and being dominated by a man (Bass, Yes please) but you cannot be defined by your love of a man. You must strong and confident.

Emma most definitely creates a new persona following/during this book and while at the press junket. She has grown from book one.

Bass is a good piece a hunk of man. He is do painfully passionate about Emma he does not know what to do. When love, which he has never experienced, happens with Emma and then he loses it, well his heart shrinks two sizes too small. He must find a replacement for pained heart and his insatiable needs “wink, wink”.

Carter tries to reenter Emma’s life… Let’s say I am leaving that door open, even though I want it sooo closed. I love Carter’s character. You hate him, feel bad for him, feel said for him, love him, fight with him and then you are just exhausted. In my opinion, if he really wanted Emma, he would have been open and honest about his fears and feelings from the beginning and we would not learn about them in his POV. You love her you nut, stop with the soliloquy and tell her your concerns and why you are a jerk in relationships.

So frustrating.

And then you give me the end of the wonderful story and everything is going as expected, the writing is smooth, I am at ease, I am at peace and then you give me the coup de grace. Really.

So I patiently wait to see how the film did, if they live HEA, if Emma is reviewed well, etc. I need more. I am a masochist because I keep reading this book and Scornfully yours all over again.

I love how this book reads; it can be read alone or with the series. I am currently reading only Emma’s books and then I will branch into the others.

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