Friday, May 22, 2015

Review of Black Rainbow

Black RainbowBlack Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review to come. Got the eARC yesterday. Finished this book in one day. So good.

Update on 5/5/15:

Levi is an uber intelligent legal mastermind, who everyone wants to be represented by. Levi is the person, men want to be like, women want to sleep with him, legal offices want to take him down and his family…wants to see him, happy.
Levi is unhappy (his life may seem prefect but his not) and one night at a bar he meets a women.

Thea a scholar, beautiful, determine and wants to get laid. Thea is the person you want to be friends with and learn with. Women know she is the shit and, well probably hate her.

When she meets Levi they find each other attractive and decide to have a brief sex-affair.

Their brief affair is wonderful until it ends. They each got under each other skin (in a good way) and after their prescheduled termination date of the affair, wanted more, yet no one voiced it.

This is just the opening to the book. J.J. did a fabulous job with the writing for this book. She [J.J.] is known for her great/phenomenal writing skills. She is able to draw the reader in, like a moth to a flame, except I am not getting burnt I am falling in love. Her writing shows the reader how delicious her brain and fictional ideas are. Her books are diversified and caused me to have some serious breakdown (emotional) moments.

Black Rainbow was steamy, sexual, it is everything that you could want in the book oh and it’s also very humorous.

I loved the dual point of view and I love how the book just flows it was just so smooth. The character development was off the chain awesome. I really enjoyed this book and I hope this book is made into a movie. J.J. really make me think. I think I made some self-discoveries from this book. The title, oh my, so profound.

I absolutely loved, loved, this book. I want to shout it from the rooftop. This book received five stars.

Happy reading. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do. J.J. McAvoy is one of my fav authors. She is on my one-click list.

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