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Review of Corrupting Cinderella by Autumn Jones Lake

Corrupting CinderellaCorrupting Cinderella by Autumn Jones Lake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Corrupting Cinderella is unlike any MC book that I've read.

At first, I had some difficulty going from the often standard written MC book, which I love, to a new kind of MC. The author did a phenomenal job with gaining my undivided attention within this book.

The characters are not your rough and dirty MC’s. There is no SOA in this book. But there is a love story. That takes the presence of the novel. The character happens to be the President of the MC and she happens to be a civiivan but the story is about love and the MC is secondary.

I found the characters to be very detailed. I felt that the Autumn sculpted each of these characters but she designed them with their imperfections first. That was the beginning mold.

In this book I was actually learning about the people. I wasn’t just reading a story, I was being told a tale. Those are so much stronger than stories.

Thus far this has been a good series for me. Book two answered a lot of my questions and made me eager for more from this tale.

Hope and the Prez, have this unrequited love that is not easy and it more true to everday dysfunctional relationships. But their dysfunction is due to the lifestyle and recent tramatic events that have taken place in their life. These first two books span 18 months or more. We see a lot of the characters and how they deal. This is not an insta-love book. And lately, that is all that is out there. It’s Iike, poof I love you and I met you two days ago. Yeah, you will not catch that here.
If you are looking for the easy happily ever after quick fix love, it is not here but Autumn does give us hope and not just the character but the actual feeling of hope. Hope that they make it, Hope that she can accept him for how he is, Hope that he can accept her, Hope that the club will accept her. There is a lot of pressure.

The best part about all of the HOPE, is that Autumn allows us to experience. I was emotionally drained. I had to take several breaks while reading this book. Normally, I can read a book in two days (at the most) and this book took me three ½ days to read. It was due to the emotions that were jumping off of my iPad and into my heart. It was overwhelming and glorious.

This whole story is about struggle, change, new beginnings and hope. It is actually quite poetic how she took a simple word, made it a character and in my opinion the theme of the book. Autumn shows us that MC books are not always gritty and that relationships are not always perfect.
At the end of the book you have to read the note from the author. Autumn answers a lot of questions that you might have about the characters and more.

In many fictional books the ending is mostly the same. That is why I call this book a tale, they are based on some parts of real events and not the glorious Cinderella and Prince Charming.

The unpredictability of this story and the over concept is what made me love this book even more.

I HOPE you enjoy this new MC.

Happy Reading.

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