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Ruthless People-Review

Ruthless People (Ruthless People, #1)Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book from the publisher and the author for an honest review.

Recently I was looking for a new book to read. I was in one of those runts where I read this fabulous book and then every other book afterwards was like a bad taste in my mouth. So when I received Ruthless People I was hoping, and praying that this was going to be my book. My salvations from the bad taste in my mouth and possible the demise of me reading and being forced to watch television.

So I open the book and page one, scene one, act one (WHATEVER) grabbed me and did not let me go. If I was guy and into S&M, this book had me by the balls and I loved it.

I was in awe with the writing of this story. Not only did I want to be in the “Family”, a wife, fixer, mistress, snitch (well snitches get stiches so never mind that request). I think you get my jest. I loved the book. The characters. Ever scene. It was as though I was in a movie and I love movies. When an author writes a book that flows like a screenplay, which is when I know I have a new author to place on my one click list. My list is small. I just one click that book, no synopsis needs to be read and I do not get the sample, you are guaranteed my money.

So on to giving you a briefing on this book. The author writes about family, loyalty, honesty, faith, and kick a$$ women. You have to look deep into this book but it shows how women may be soft and great for feeling up and f#$king but we are as hard as steel and please, for your safety and well-being, do not f#$k with us or the people we deem as family.

Men are in the book. I mean if they were not, then we would not have all those great sex scenes and blowjobs in limos, so yes they are present and key but the women in the book rule and in my opinion are the reason for the wonderful dialogs.

The flow of the book was like the train of a wedding dress: smooth, flawless, and constantly flowing.

I would not add or delete anything to this book. It was just that great.

I received this book many moons ago but was unable to convey my emotions of this story. I found it difficult to let you know how great this book was without giving aware too much, this is book I would never give spoilers too, and I found if difficult to express greatness when it has been written.

So, I finally decided to go from my heart, which by rereading the story, may of the characters also lead with their heart or pumped lead into hearts. Tomato. Tamato.
Really the characters made me not care for the enemy. C’est la vie/Questa e la vita (That is life), that is how I felt. No remorse.

I will admit there were several times, I was covering my eyes and gasping (sorry to the people at the Starbucks) but I was on the side of the “Family”. At the “Family” is just like a casino, the house always wins.

Eager for book 2.

Happy Reading/Buona Lettura

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