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Perfectly Imperfect by Fabiola Francisco

Perfectly Imperfect (Perfectly #1)Perfectly Imperfect by Fabiola Francisco
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This story was the most honest account of relationships that I have read this year. The heroine Mia is your average party girl who always having drinks and sex. Good times, good times. But with all the good times, she is lonely and needs more, than the good times.

One evening while Mia is at the club she meets Grayson, who happens to be her kindred spirit.  When reading this book, you will find that these two souls are made for each other, similar to Plato’s’ theory of the bellybutton. Well if you haven’t heard the story before, here it is (bet you did not think you would be getting a philosophers story while reading a review on this book). Once upon a time… LOL.

Two people who were made for each other (physically, mentally, and spiritually were conjoined. Their love for one another was so great that they were separated per the gods request. (I know heartless bastards).  After they were separated, Apollo, sowed their bodies up, only to leave a bellybutton so they could once again find their soul mate. The humans lived in angst, searching to find their soul mate. Through misery, with hope to see their soul mate again.

Grayson and Mia are my version of this concept. They were both two hurt, lost souls. When they meet they feel their powerful connection to one another. They feel something different, than the numbing of their life from meaningless sex. They have found one another. Two peas in a pod. Yet, Mia is resistant to this connection. She only wants sex from him. Per Mia, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” The question is will Mia let her past go and be with her soul mate.

Grayson by far is so profoundly awesome. He has this realness about him. He is so vocal of what he wants and if this had some bondage in it, I might call him a Dom in the making. Though he acquiesces to Mia on many occasions and is patient with her fears, like her knows himself, he only did this to keep her near. His devotion for her was off the charts.

The supporting characters did a wonderful job and their words were powerful and help to guide Mia and Grayson’s story along beautifully. All the characters were so real.

Overall, I was pleased with this story and the graphics.

P.S. I would love to get Steph’s story. She is so insightful and briefly displays her fears in this story.

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