Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Make It a Double by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brady is adjusted to society from a five-year jail sentence. Where once he was restricted he is now free and the freedom is a wee bit overwhelming. Brady has to readjust to people’s ways, working, and developing his own routine.
One of the conditions of his parole besides working is volunteering. This is very difficult for Brady as he would rather not be around anyone, especially Alyssa Meyers.

Alyssa is a paradox. She is an heiress. She is not active in her family’s lifestyle (Country Clubs and Yacht races). Alyssa wants to help animals and has opened a non-profit shelter called the Haven for cats, dogs, horses and birds. She has offered Brady a volunteer position at her business but regrets giving the offer because of Brady’s extreme dislike of her.

Brady finds himself working at the Haven and Alyssa finds herself being very interested in Brady.

Can Alyssa get Brady to accept her as she has accepted him? Can she get him to see her and take a chance with her as society has taken with him? Can she help him not feel lost and scared?

The author writes the story, the characters and the presents of a relationship so well. I was really pulling for Alyssa to help Brady break from his shell and Brady to integrate back into the societal norms.

The group of friends in this story.
That it can be read as a standalone. I didn’t feel lost because I didn’t read book one of the series.
The pairing of Alyssa and Brady.
All things Brady. I love the grumpy, the tense, the Alpha, his words and of course the fact that he is a Sexy Beast.

The sex scenes. I felt like they were weak and not very detailed. Now I not looking for smut in this storyline but a little more graphic details that gets the-juices-flowing.

Overall, I recommend this book. I would defiantly give this book to a friend when it is published. For some of my readers and friends, the sex scenes are just enough to make them blush.

Happy Reading.

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