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**Review** When we fall by Marquita Valentine

When We Fall by Marquita Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read by Marquita Valentine and I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the storyline of a rich girl loving a bad boy. Rich girl, Piper, is not that confident to let the Bad Boy, Jase, know (for many years) that she has wanted him to be in her heart and her bed. But some how magically she finds the confidents and strips herself of her Lily Pulitzer figuratively and lets him know, “Hey guy, I like you.”

Now this is a romance story, it is an insta-love, and it does fall under contemporary smut for me. Piper and Jase are the two main characters with a stellar supporting cast. Their interactions were good, the story in the beginning for me was super slow. I started reading the book on my way to Charlotte, N. C. I didn’t finish this book until today. No, this book was not written like War and Peace it is not fifty million pages long but I guess it was like War and Peace that is was slow in the beginning. It read so slow, I just was not feeling it but I trekked forward and found that I quite enjoyed the characters.

I liked Jase the most. I found him to be very real and horny. Which was awesome because Piper needs a good pounding, because of her life in general and because she is curious. Big shocker that she is… A VIRGIN. LOL. I know. It has been played before but how often do we have a convict and a virgin, (if you see a book with that let me know because that was hot) and this is where it went from contemporary to SMUT.

Just likes Drake’s song 0-100 real quick.

So Jase was so getting it in (having lots of dirty time) with Piper and she was an eager beaver.

The story itself there are some oh and girl what moments. Then is some major drama in this book that is carried over from Book (1) one and I did not find the climax to be very good. Not talking about the sex (sex was good) but the overall oh my moment that is the climax of the story was a little weak for me.

Now I loved that I was in Charlotte and was reading about it. Loved that there is a HEA. That made me feel good about the story even more.

I think I can predict book (3) three. I think it will be about the cop and the chick on the side of the road. It was a pivotal point in the book for me and it was mentioned again later in the book, when I had undoubtedly forgot about them. So it could happen.

Overall, it was good. It was great book for people interested in smut but who are too nervous to cross over into it. Marquita can write about some men, she did a really good job with that in this book. They [the men] were all good in this book.

Something you may not know, I always try to find the title of the book in the story. The author placed this information at towards the end of this book. So happy hunting.

Happy reading and writing.

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