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Review for Unrequited. **Loved it**

Unrequited (Woodlands, #4)Unrequited by Jen Frederick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing about characters of diversity is a tricky topic. Recently I have read several authors who are taking a chance with this and I commend them. As a women of diversity I think it is nice to see this in books. Jen, in Unrequited, killed it. She was fabulous with this writing. It was so delicate and woven into the story that it was not until later that I realized that Winter, was Asian. I loved it.
The book is some of her best work, she just makes me love this series more. Unrequited is intertwined with Undeclared, Unspoken and my favorite Unraveled. I loved this book because of the dynamic of Sam and Gray’s story. Unraveled was the first book I read in the Woodland series and because I loved it so much I began reading more of the series and of course loved it.
Jen also paid attention to detail and I think that is key for book junkies (no copyright theft intended Natasha, lol).
Winter and Finn have such a great story. It is slow and challenging and he chases her. You had a taste of her and he wanted her. The addition to this unrequited love is Ivy. Who is so needy and just a horrible person. She wants her sister Winter to only be happy with her and help her with every step of the way. She [Ivy] is very jealous of Winter and tends to look in the past for (her glory days and Winters not so good days) to see solace for her bad decisions.
Finn is sweet and going through a difficult time. He is numb and looking to forget his past and present situation. When he sees Winter he wants her but only for the night and nothing more. Yet, when he is done with her he seeks her out. I think Finn only wants her because she doesn’t show him much attention following their passionate night. She treats him like a one night stand. And that bothers him.
Now I have not read a Jen Frederick book in a couple of months, I forgot how steamy her scenes can get and in the opening chapters no less.
The ending and the epilogue. Wow. Authors are doing a good job with closing out their books with questions we may have as a reader but not answering all the questions, which allows me to create my own person ending.
I enjoyed this entire book and look forward to more from these series and this author.

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