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{Review} The Unexpected Collection: Complete Series #1-3 by Amity Cross

The Unexpected Collection: Complete Series #1-6The Unexpected Collection: Complete Series #1-6 by Amity Cross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am starting with the end, at the beginning. Amity has me for life. I am no longer just a reader but a follower. She had me in the bar, at the hotel, in the side room at the concert, and in the shower. She made me wet, angry, loved, and want to punch someone in the face.

Blair and West (those are the characters in this masterpiece) are the negative charges at the end of a magnet. They are not people who should be together (in the beginning, this was my opinion). They actually should repeal against each other but when they have the opposite to their charge (him needing to break away due to all his past discretions and she needing to be royally f**ked to get out of her own mind) they just connect. Their bad crap gives them the positive charge that they need.

I can’t give any spoilers about this GREAT story of love, growth, and triumph away. I will say that their love is classic. It is not perfect and with all the flaws they have they are perfect.

Everyone is against this self-destructive relationship. What can you do when no one wants what you believe you need? Nothing, and it sucks. While Blair and West are trying to be the positives in their lives, they are met with negativity. “Sad face.”

Blair is a nomad and West is just…lost. They have no solid ground or constant love that is present, which can be touched. Hence why they bump uglies on the daily. The sex in this book is HOT!!!! I digress…I believe that is one of the main reasons they discover one another. Because they are what each other needs.

I loved that it is book is about a musician. Since Kellan Kyle (Thoughtless series) and Jake Wethers (The Mighty Storm series), I have loved me a music man. I loved that it is about a girl who has no goals or aspirations. I mean, come on. No chick is be a size zero and perfect. This made Blair rock, as a character, so much more to me.

Amity made the characters imperfect which was perfect.

This book is truly a great, wonderful read.

If you like unpredictability, a “not so” prince charming, and a Cinderella with a potty mouth and attitude, this is the best book to read. There is no sweet without the sour and this book will make you think about what you want more, the sweet life or the not so sweet.

Give me the not so, anytime.

Happy Reading.

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